by Patricia Lim


President’s Message
by Jim Wong-Chu

Editor’s Column
by Kuan Foo

Coming Back to Vietnam:Notes on a Trip by Thuong Vuong-Riddick
by Thuong Vuong-Riddick

Members at Large
compiled by Alvin and Kuan

Go for Broke
by Larry Wong

Vancouver Film Industry Update
by Alvin Lee

Asian North American Bulletin
compiled by Alvin Lee

Open Mike

A Response to Evelyn Lau’s “A Wish for the Coming Year”
by Sally Ite

“Race is Not a Stable Category…”
by Sky Lee

Martial Arts and Culture
by Alvin Lee

Sunless in Seattle: A Memoir
by Susan Nishi and Kuan Foo

Fertile Ground
by Kuan Foo

Theatre Mu: Riding the Wave
by R.A. Shiomi

Lotus Land in May
by Larry Wong

Picks and Pans

Breakaway (fiction)
by Paul Yee
book review by Kenda D. Gee

A Chorus of Mushrooms (fiction)
by Hiromi Goto
review by Rita Wong

The Living Tree: The Changing Meaning of Being Chinese Today (non-fiction)
edited by Tu Wei-Ming
review by The Barking Dragon

A Thousand Homes ; Ramdom Access File
poems by Terry Watada; Roy Miki
review by Kuan Foo

Chinese Film & Video Festival (films)
reviews by The Barking Dragon

Age of Wonders
directed by Lawrence Yep
theatre review by Kuan Foo

The Violin Player (music)
by Vanessa-Mae
review by The Barking Dragon

Come Out, Come Out
by Cub
review by Kuan Foo

Canada/China Cultural Study Tour

ACWW Calendar
by The Barking Dragon

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