10.2 – Summer 2005

by Patricia Lim

Issue 10.2


On the Cover

My Great Grandfather, the Necromancer: Filmmaker Anne Marie Fleming Recounts Long Trace Sam’s Magic-Infused Past
by Ann Marie Fleming

Lights! Camera! Transaction!: Making it for the First Time: gritty Lessons for Wannabe Filmmakers
by Kathleen Haley

Life as a Red Guard: Kids’ Author Ange Zhang on Growing up in Chairman Mao’s China
by Alexis Kienlen

Scoring in a Brave New World: Vincent Ho composes for Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics
by Shalene Takara


Have I Got a Deal for You: Faye Leung’s Great Chinese Canadian Memoir Reveals her Vander Zalm Affair, Family Legacies, and Why Nice Girls Wear Hats
by Alan Woo


The Slanted View: The Strong Silent Type
by Craig Takeuchi

Under the Covers: Colouring in Kids’ Lit
by Alexis Kienlen

by Jenny Uechi


From the Editor’s Desk


Portrait of an Artist: Monster’s Ball: Kaori Kasai’s Chaotic Wonderland
by Alan Woo

Literally: Fiction: “D with D” and “Auction”
by harry J. Huang

Literally: Drama: Twisting Fortunes Episode 1: Something to Talk About
by Charlie Cho and Grace Chin


Asian Canadian Kid’s Lit: A Retrospect
by Alexis Kienlen

Profile: Finding Never Land
by Johanne Leach

Profile: Heading Up the Arsenal
by Alexis Kienlen

Off the Shelf

The Water of Possibility
by Hiromi Goto
review by Michelle Siu and Alexis Kienlen 

The Kappa Child
by Hiromi Goto
review by Michelle Siu and Alexis Kienlen

The Bone Collector’s Son
by Paul Yee
review by Michelle Siu and Alexis Kienlen 

Good Luck Life: The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture
by Rosemary Gong
review by Michelle Siu and Alexis Kienlen 

Dance with White Clouds
by Goh Poh Seng
review by Michelle Siu and Alexis Kienlen 

Silkscreen: The Tao of Tea – Canadian Style
by Kevin Black

by Jenny Uechi

Postscript: 17 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Published                                                     
published compiled by The EAE (Exasperated Asian Editors)

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