10.3 – Fall 2005

by Patricia Lim

Issue 10.3 - Fall 2005


On the Cover

Love, Asian, Movies, Baby: Why are Movies from Asia Selling Like Hot Fishcakes Around the World? 
by Nancy Han and jenny uechi

Runaway Writer: The notorious Evelyn Lau Talks to Ricepaper about Turning from Street-Kid to Award-winning Writer, and the Struggles Leading Towards her Latest Book, Treble.
by Alexis Kienlen

Margaret Cho: Brazen Comedian Margaret Cho Speaks Up about her Career, Canada, and Crusading for Human Rights.
by Alan Woo and Jessica Gin-Jade

Remembering Toy Kiyooka: A Decade After his Death, Roy Kiyooka’s Electric Work Continues to Inspire Fresh Appreciation.
by Charlie Cho

Indie Queen Sook-Yin Lee: Iconic Radio Host Sook-Yin Lee Speaks Up About her Image, Career, and Why Ricepaper Shouldn’t Have a Beef with Her.
by Mari Sasano


Learning to Walk: A Personal Essay. 
by Ann Shin

No Sister Act: Courageous Sisters Sheds Light on Eating Disorders.
by Kathleen Haley


On Topic with Charlie Cho
by Hiro Kanagawa, Maiko Bae Yamamoto

Under the Covers
by Alexis Kienlen

by Jenny Uechi


From the Editor’s Desk


Portrait of an Artist: Fish Out of Water: Nelson Wong
by Alan Woo

Spotlight: Cross Colutral Mieko Ouchi
by Mari Sasano

Talk of the Town: How Colin Got His Groove Back
by Charlie Cho

by Jenny Uechi

Postscript: Dress Like a Filipino Rapper
by author


Fiction: The Walking Boy: An Excerpt
by Lydia Kwa

Poetry: Words Within Us
by Cindy Yeung

Literary Figures: Marty Chan: Gatekeeper of All Things Asian?
by Mari Sasano

Literary Figures: Gillian Chan: It’s in the Details
by Johanne Leach

On the Shelf: What Ricepaper is Reading this Fall

The Time at the End of this Writing
by Paolo Javier
review by Kyle Fredriksen 

by Velma Demerson
review by Alexis Kienlen 

Redress: Inside the Japanese Canadian call for Justice
by Roy Miki
review by Sid Tan 

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