10.4 – Winter 2006

by Patricia Lim

Issue 10.4 - Winter 2005


On the Cover

Let’s Talk About Sex in Vancouver
by Jenny Uechi

Broadcast Pioneer: Mi-Jung Lee
by Nancy Han

The Art of Survival: Raymond Chow
by Alexandra Chu

Mike Relm: Visionary DeeJay
by Jenny Uechi


Holiday Special: Things to Look Forward To 
by Ricepaper Staff

The Dirt Truth: Chris Gatchalian’s Plays Take an Unflinching Look at Ugly Realities 
by Kathy Leung

For Those About to Rock : Asian Musicians in the Vancouver Underground Scene
by Gerald Leong

The Search of the Three Inch Golden Lotus: Yue-Qing Yang or the Unbinding of her Past
by Kathleen Haley

Foreigner at the Opera: Cultivating Fondness for Chinese Opera
by Josh Stenberg


Under the Cover
by Alexis Kienlen

by Jenny Uechi


From the Editor’s Desk


Silkscreen: Watch Out Galliano! Here Comes Jolie Chan
by Joy Stephanie Lau

Silkscreen: Asian Canadian Art Galleries Listing. 
by Jenny Uechi

In the Dressing Room: Banana Power
by Julia Che

by Jenny Uechi

Postscript: Stuck Rice
by Charlie Cho


Fiction: Ghosts-Chaser
by Lin Te

Literary Figures: Alternative Angel: Mariko Tamaki
by Ron Nurwiasah

Literary Figures: Supernatural Hiromi Goto
by Michelle Siu

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