11.2 – Summer 2006

by Patricia Lim

Issue 11.2 - Summer 2006


On the Cover

Q & A Jenny Chow
by Angelica LeMinh

A Certain Success: Madeleine Thien
by Jenny Uechi

Glory on the Field:: Remembering the Asashi Baseball Legacy
by Jenny uechi

Graphic Love: More than just the Lavalife Illustrator
by Alexandra Chu

For Citizenship Ceremony Sept. 21, 2001
by Joy Kogawa


A Bus Trip Down Memory Lane: Japanese Canadians Visit their Old Internment Camps
by Ray Nakamura

The Woman in Me: Candid Conversations with an Asian Transgendered Escort
by Jenny Uechi

Barbarian at the Gate: The Fang Family’s Foray into Mainstream Media
by Jim Wong-Chu

Ladies’ Night in Beijing: The Underground Culture of Beijing’s Only Lesbian Bar
by Carolyn Ji Jong Goossen


On Topic: Hexes and Ohs
by Charlie Cho

Reel News
by Su-Anne Yeo

by Jenny Uechi


From the Editor’s Desk


Portrait of an Artist: Jeff Chiba Stearns
by Alexis Kienlen

Spotlight: Lyndsay Sung 
by Jenny Uechi

Soundstage: Jeff Chang
by Emily Khong

Music News
by Jenny Uechi

Admit One: Romeo Candido
by Sam Lee

CD Reviews

Lyrics Born – Same !@#$, Different Day
review by Angelica LeMinh

Wundrkut – Corn Beep and Aaah!
review by Angelica LeMinh

Cory Lee – What a Difference a Day Makes
review by Angelica LeMinh

Film Reviews

Tom Yum Goong
review by Steve Chow

Eve and the Fire Horse
review by J.A.

Performance Art News
by Jim Wong-Chu

Postscript: Going in Style in the Philippines
by Patricia Lim

Off the Shelf

Maria Mahoi of the Islands
by Jean Barman
book review by Alexis Kienlen 

I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight
by Margaret Cho
book review by Alan Woo


Fiction: Excerpt from Certainty
by Madeleine Thien

Literary News
by Jim Wong-Chu

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