13.1 Comic

by Jim Wong-Chu



Adrian Tomine
by Chris Randle

Label Makers: The Asian Conspiracy to Control the Canadian Indie Music Industry
by Danielle Lau and Luisa Irene Fischer

Holding Up Half the Sky – May Chiu: On Building a New Quebec Nation
by Chris DeWolf

 Ann Marie Fleming’s Magical (and Illustrated) Search for Long Track Sam
by Victor Liang

 Scene Onstage: Theatre
by Valerie Sing Turner

 We Want You Back, Madeleine Thien
by Megan Lau


Jenny Pop
by Jenny Uechi

Defining Ourselves: Filipina
by Mel Castillo


This Mayko Girl
by Aisha John

No Luck Club
by Emily Khong

Interview with Norman Yeung
by Aaron Leaf

Watchers and Protectors – Marjorie Chan’s A Nanking Winter
by Keira Loughran


Illustrations by Shea Chang

Excerpt from Diana Tso’s Nanking
by Diana Tso

Bedtime Stories: 7 Days Cereal
by Cammy Lee

Chatter: Literature
by Kentaro Ide

Collage: Visual Arts
by Joni Low


The Jade Rubies (book)
by Valerie Lee
review by Kentaro Ide 

Red Lacquered Chopsticks (book)
by Betty Warrington-Kearsley
review by Claudia Goodine

Maleta at Gallery Gachet (visual arts)
by Luisa Irene Fisher 

 From Paper Eleven (webcomic)
by Dan Kim

26th Vancouver International Film Festival
by Megan Lau and Aaron Leaf

11th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
by Brandon Wee


Ghosts Resurrected on a Scroll in a Chinese Café
by John Ming Chen

by Andy Quan 

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