13.2 The Cities

by Jim Wong-Chu



Poetry from “Forage”
by Rita Wong

Ground Control: Satellite Kids & Self Mutilation
by Allan Cho

No Comfort Zone: An Interview with Ed Ou
by Aaron Leaf


Ten  Blogs to Watch
by Sunny Shao and Ricepaper Staff

Jenny Pop
by Jenny Uechi

City Reports

Beijing: The Imaginary East
by Joni Low

Toronto: Someone Else’s Son
by Matt Chung

Montreal: The New Voices Project
by Chris DeWolf

Hong Kong: Dreamin’
by Crystal Tai

Pender Harbour: Off the Map
by Megan Lau

Scarborough: Bigger and Badder
by Joan Chang

Vientiane: The Visa Run
by Mel Chua

City Poetry

Lagong Fly
by Volraire Q. Oyzon
Translated from Waray by janis Claire B. Salvacion 

Stairclimbing: Another Play Poem
by Changming Yuan

The City
by Dana Oshiro

Dim Sum
by Louise Bak

Short Stories

Colony Collapse Disorder
by Sherry Yano

China Wheels
by Mikey Yates

The Rage of Japanese Housewives
by Kellee Ngan

People and Profiles

The First Women of Taiko
by Emily Khong

An Interview with Kid Koala
by Jordie Yow

Voices Thought Crimes
by Claudia Goodine

The Photography of Elaine Ling
by Arlene Chan

Found: In Translation
by Valerie Sing Turner


Scene Onstage (play)
by Valerie Sing Turner

Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea (book)
by Guy Delisle
review by Kentaro Ide 

Style Deficit Disorder: Harajuku Street Fashion-Tokyo (book)
by Tiffany Godoy
review by Megan Lau

Iron Chink Revisited (book)
by Jim Wong-Chu

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