13.4 The Alter Ego

by Jim Wong-Chu
Ricepaper 13.4

Ricepaper 13.4 – The Alter Ego Issue (cover illustration: Michelle Kuen Suet Fung)



Disorderly Conduct
by Deanne Beattie

Orpheus: A Graphic-Narrative Poem
by Robert Bolton and Eric Sze-Lang Chan

Artist Profile: Michelle Kuen Suet Fung
by Philippa Mennell

Dressing the Part: Chan-Hyo Bae’s Existing in Costume
by  Melissa Atkinson-Graham

Notes on the New Thai Cinema
by Brandon Wee


Ten Blogs to Watch
by Orphelia Wan

Jenny Pop
by Jenny Uechi

Last Page: Comic
by Brian Fukushima


Hong Kong Cowboy Still Hasn’t Hung Up His Spurs
by Jordie Yow

Eric Sze-Lang Chan
by Megan Lau

True Identity
by Emily Khong

Artifact: China Mary
by Jim Wong-Chu


Since Before He Was Born
by Kellee Ngan

Fit to Be a King
by Victor Liang


Treasure Hill Tea and Photo Project / Phase Five / Oversight: A Response
by Joni Low

The Vancouver International Film Festival Reviews
by Megan Lau

Sisters of Heaven (book)
by Patti Gully
Review by Allan Cho


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