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14.3 Space:Culture:Place

Ricepaper 14.3 – Space:Culture:Place (cover illustration: Ricepaper Art Collective)



Across Borders: Yoshoku & World Cuisine
by Margeret Inoue

Embodied Collisions of Space & Time:
The Evolving Work of Jin-Me Yoon

by Joni Low

Chinatowns Across Canada
by Ophelia Wan

A Meeting of Minds: The Chinatown and Beyond Conference
by Eury Chang

Moriyama & Teshima Architects
by Tara Quinn

The Trials of Sook-Yin Lee
by Adrian Mack

Height Matters: Revitalization in Chinatown Vancouver
by Eury Chang


by Jenny Uechi

Artifact: The Lepers of D’arcy Island, BC
by Jim Wong-Chu


by Ray Hsu and Fiona Tinwei Lam


Father’s Day
Kindergarten at the Transylvania Flavour Restaurant
Still, Life
by Fiona Tinwei Lam

Roll Call
by Phuong Nguyen

Media Warning
by Changming Yuan


Mixie and The Halfbreeds (excerpt)
by Adrienne Wong & Julie Tamiko Manning

Uncle Kazu’s Bellybutton
by Kentaro Ide

Profiles & Commentary

A Community Mainstay: Victor Yong & the Orient Express
by Deanne Beattie

Facing Fears: paradox in the poetry of sachiko murakami
by Sarah Douziech

Ibarra’s Historical Almanac
by Ginger Ngo

Report from Alberta
by Mieko Ouchi

On the Train with Maiko Bae Yamamoto
by Megan Lau


Asia at the 59th Berlinale (film)
review by Brandon Wee

Half-World by Hiromi Goto (book)
review by Jessica Rose

Women in Film (film)
review by Megan Lau

Sound of the Flower Drum Song (theatre)
review by Eury Chang

Columns & Commentary

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