14.1 In Translation

by Jim Wong-Chu

Ricepaper 14.1 - In Translation
Ricepaper 14.1 – In Translation (cover illustration: Kim Hoang)



Respecting Your History
by Jessica Yee

Golden Girl
by Jamella Hagen

The Basics of Bluegrass
by  Jordie Yow


Ten Blogs to Watch
by Michelle Kay

Jenny Pop
by Jenny Uechi


by Evelyn Lau

Long Life
by Evelyn Lau

Grand Canyon
by Evelyn Lau

Why You Stay Inside
by Ray Hsu

Song on Kidnapping
by Ray Hsu

Here is the Grey Horse Who Dines from a Stranger’s Hand
by Ray Hsu

Thai Suites
by Onjana Yawnghwe


Baku the Dreameater
by Jenny Uechi

 Profiles and People

Alison Yip: On Trying to Understand the World
by Joni Low

Old Masters, New Views: The Current State of Asian Cinema, an Interview with Raymond Phathanavirangoon
by  David Eng

Tim Le: The Art of Translation
by Ricepaper Staff

I Am a What Now?
by Kim Nguyen

All Things Unspoken
by Harmony Ho

Eco-Chic: Two of Hearts Creates Clothing with a Conscience
by Zenaida Kwong


History, Memory, Movement (dance)
by Bonnie Sun

Book Reviews

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
by Xiaolu Guo
Review by Claire Tacon 

pH6: A Book of Haiku Moods
by Hiromi Goto, Lydia Kwa, Roy Miki, Mark Nakada, Ruth Ozeki, and Brandy Liê
n  Worrall
Review by Sheryda Warrener 

Butcher’s Block
by Deanna Fong
Review by Ben Hart 

Gung Haggis Fat Choy
by Ricepaper Staff

Last Page: Comic
by Wai Khan Au

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