15.1 Trade Routes

by Jim Wong-Chu

Editor’s Note

Trade is surely one of humanity’s favorite past times, and even before the word “globalization” became à la mode, trade was taking place among groups, families and communities, and be­tween various countries.

Artists in particular are adept at facilitating a certain kind of trade, acting as cultural brokers between and across national bound­aries and borders. In this issue, Candice Okada explores Brendan Tang’s futuristic ceramics: works of art that allude to the effects of war and colonization on people, while paying attention to the influence of Japanese anime and manga on contemporary media. Stephanie Lim contributes a feature profile on Huang An-lun, a composer whose Chinese roots and musical aesthetics have been warmly welcomed in Canada. And writer Amy Chow unpacks the issues surrounding human trafficking and the sex trade, in “One is Too Many.” In these pages, you’ll also find “Journey of a Thousand Miles,” a visual collage and literary nod to the explorers and writers who have traveled the Silk Route—arguably the longest and most prolific of historic trade routes.

On the creative and fictional side of things, Gillian Sze goes tête-a-tête with stalwart author Fred Wah in “Writers-In-Dialogue,” our ongoing investigation into the poetic craft, while Jenny Uechi connects the local to the global with her longstanding “JennyPop” column. We’re extremely delighted to include “Light at a Window,” a new short story by well-known novelist Terry Watada, and “Tom Thomson: A Minority Report,” a poetic homage to the former Group of Seven member, rendered as an extended critical commentary by Kevin Irie. In addition to all of this, we include a healthy dose of film reviews, profiles, and a stunning and apropos front cover design by Andrea Wan.

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