15.2 RepresentASIANS

by Jim Wong-Chu
Ricepaper 15.2 Representasians

Ricepaper 15.2 – Representasians (cover illustration: Lydia Fu)



Race and Gender-based Stereotyping of Asian Women
Pointing at western society’s “elephant in the room”

by Cheryl Caballero

Cultural Olympiad: Before / During / After
by Joni Low

25@25: Fresh Visions for Asia Pacific
by Amy Chow

Images of a Difficult History
by Margaret Inoue

Poetry and Fiction

A Letter From My Father
My Neighbour Never Smiled
Writing A Poem
by Nabin Kumar Chhetr

My Mother Loves Teapots
by Lydia Kwa

Profiles and People 

Eye See China: The life and times of William Yang
by Eury Chang

Columns & Commentary

by Jenny Uechi

Artifact: House Boy Blues
by Jim Wong-Chu


Henry Chow and other stories (book)
Review by David Chau

Moon Water, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (dance)
Review by Eury Chang

Butterfly Tears (book)
Review by David Chau

Back Page Illustration
Review by Crystal Lee

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