15.4 Flashback: 15 Years at Ricepaper

by Jim Wong-Chu
Ricepaper 15.4 - 15 Years at Ricepaper

Ricepaper 15.4 – 15 Years at Ricepaper (cover illustration: Rob Machida)



Them Old Days: Jim and My Hair
by Sid Chow Tan

Pioneering Words: An Interview with Jim Wong-Chu
by Jenny Uechi

Back Then: Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop and Community
by Eury Chang

15 Memorable Moments at Ricepaper
by Eury Chang & Patricia Lim

Inside the Ricecooker
by Jenny Uechi

Writing, Dancing and Eating The Whole Beast
by Lee Su-Feh

Quite Literally, Creative

A Grain of Rice
by Evelyn Lau

I AM (an unfinished play/struggle)
by Leonard Cervantes

Notes Towards an Essay About Maria Callas
by Chris Gatchalian

2010 Haiku Invitation Winners
by D. Dahl, R. Dufault, L. Garczewski, M. Spurr, L. Fraser

Profiles and People

A Delicate Balance: Eco Fashion Designer, Pauline Siu
by Katie Mogan Graham

Roger Lee’s Tea Party
by Alan Woo


Pulse (book) by Lydia Kwa
review by David Chau

Black Grace (dance)
review by Eury Chang

New Asia Film Festival 2010 (film)
review by Benjamin Yong

Chinese Films at the Toronto International Film Festival (film)
review by David Eng


Editor’s Note: Flashback: 15 Years of Ricepaper
by Eury Chang

Backpage Illustration
by Jenny Uechi

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