16.1 Generations

by Jim Wong-Chu

Editor’s Note

Most often, the finalization of an issue of Ricepaper magazine brings our team feelings of joy and accomplishment. However, we launch issue 16.1 “Generations” quite disheartened by the catastrophic events that have affected the people of Japan. Thousands of lives have been lost and thousands of people are still missing. After the major earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent evacuation of Japanese citizens from their homes, people around the world have shown a tremendous amount of goodwill and humanitarian support.

All of the staff, volunteers and contributors at Ricepaper magazine send our deepest condolences and sympathy to those affected directly by this tragedy; such a tragedy has affected everyone who has seen or heard about it—during times like these our shared humanity becomes more palpable. Those with family and friends living in Japan need your ongoing support and courage; in today’s “global village” we should never forget how interconnected we are as beings.

Hopefully, this issue on “Generations” will remind us about the importance of family, legacy and community. Please check out the Table of Contents to guide you through this “Generations” themed issue—the first for 2011. We can only hope that by honouring those who have come before us—and by somehow overcoming today’s hardships—we’ll provide hope for future generations to come.

It goes without saying that Japan’s bravery and resilience in the face of this ongoing catastrophe has been remarkable. We know deep in our hearts that this nation, in due time, will rebuild.

The Asian Canadian community and Canadians at large have come out in full force to support relief efforts. We encourage you to continue supporting these efforts.

Best regards,

Eury Chang


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