16.2 The Green Issue

by Jim Wong-Chu

Ricepaper 16.2 - The Green Issue



Brown Balls (play excerpts)
by Byron Abalos

We Heart Canucks: A Photo Feature
presented by Ricepaper Magazine

Eau, Water! A Personal Essay
by Janey Lew

The Downstream Project: Speaking with Rita Wong

by Janey Lew

EN: a raincity street dance

by Colleen Lanki

Quite Literally, Creative

Reading Fiona Lam’s Enter the Chrysanthemum
Thinking of U(pdike)
City Centre
by Evelyn Lau

Bubble Tea Trouble
by Leonard R. Cervantes

In Osaka
To Matsue
by Jim Nawrocki

Profiles & People

Hybrid Vigour: An Interview With Ruth Ozeki
by Rachel Rose


Yam Lau: The Illusion of Space (visual art)
review by Joni Low

Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out (books)

review by Jessica Rose

Columns & Commentary

The Tightrope Walk of a Canadian Ching Chong
by Jeff Ho

Backpage Illustration
by Carmen Mok

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