16.3 The Hybrid Issue

by Jim Wong-Chu
Ricepaper 16.3 - The Hybrid Issue

Ricepaper 16.3 – The Hybrid Issue (cover illustration: Shannon Elliott)



Don’t Call Me Hapa
by Aaron Leaf

Legal Limbo: Revisiting Canada’s Approach to Refugees
by Donna Seto

Mixed Races and Mixed Faces: A Photo Feature
by Ricepaper readers

Quite Literally, Creative

2011 Haiku Invitational Winners
Q. Young, B. Skala, P. Cooper, A. Davidson, S. Zhou with commentary by an’ya

Confessions of the Other Woman (play excerpts)
by Valerie Sing Turner

A Mixture of Things
by Mark Jordan Manner

Falling in Time (play excerpts)
by C.E. Gatchalian

Profiles & People

C.E. Gatchalian on Falling in Time
by Teilhard Paradela

Hearing a Different Kind of Evangelical: Pastor Ken Shigematsu, Tenth Church, Vancouver
by Justin Tse

Creative Problem Solving: Speaking with Eco-Artist, Haruko Okano
by Amy Chow


Inuit Impressions in the Age of Reproduction (visual art)
review by Joni Low

The Better Mother by Jen Sookfong Lee (book)
review by Abhishek Sharma


Editor’s Note: Diversity/Hybridity
by Eury Chang

Backpage Illustration
by Jeffry Lee

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