by Patricia Lim



Lunch with Jan Wong
by Charlie Cho 


The Girl in the Picture
by Angela Y. Mackenzie

Sally Ito’s Faith in Her Season of Mercy
by Doretta Lau

Backlash Against the Chinese Migrants
by Steve Chao

Eclectic Meeting of Minds
by Alice Ming-Wai Jim

Art Beatus
by Andrea Gin

Artist Profile: Doris Cheung
by Doris Cheung

Montreal’s Asian Film Festival and Amerasia
by T. Mai Nguyen

Victims Dying, Truth Buried
by Carol Lum

Katari Taiko Celebrates 20th
by John Greenaway

The Many Faces of Mel Tobias
by Annie Gorra

Genealogical Trails and Trials
by Trev Sue-A-Quan

Last Word

Different from Whom?
by Mike Ma

Music & Books

Swallowing Clouds Anthology Launch
by Elaine Cha

Swallowing Clouds Anthology Review
review by Regina Yung 

Jan Wong’s China: Reports from a Not-So Foreign Correspondent
by Jan Wong
book review by Anne Wong 

On the Bookshelf: The Rape of Nanking
by Iris Chang
book review by Lynn Teo 

Warrior Lessons
by Phoebe Eng
book review by Fiona Lam 

No Ordinary Singer: Ami Grano’s Canadian Debut: Satin Dreams
by Armi Grano
CD review by Mel Tobias 

Concert Pianist Cecile Licad Graces the Stage
by Annie Gorra 


Editor’s Mesage

In the Spotlight: Pacific Rim Writers Win Kiryama Book Prize 

In Brief

Poetry Contest Winners

by Kevin Irie

by Alan Woo

Comfort Woman
by Doretta Lau 

Emerging Writer Award



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