by Patricia Lim

Issue 6.3


Sticks and Stones
by Jean Isotanl

Editorial + Clarification 
by Charlie Cho 

Editorial Response to Gary Gee’s Letter
by Charlie Cho

Art News

Fuming: Creative Non-Fiction
by Joah Lui

Looking into Tradition: Recognizing Racism Among Asian Canadians
by Alden Habacon

Betty Quan is Not Nancy Drew
by Jennifer Chan 

Anna May Wong: Who Will Remember Now That You’re Gone? 
by Terry Watada

Corner Store Stories
intro by Charlie Cho

The Little Corner Store on the Prairies (Insight from Life Behind the Cash Register)
by Wayne Yee

Stealing From the Corner Store
by Yvonne Gall

Vic’s Red Rooster
by Mari Sasano

Cleaned Out (Life at a Laundry is Rarely as Unsoiled as the White Shirts and Sheets)
by Miachel S. Chong

Identity Politics is Dead: Monika Kin Gagnon Interviewed 
by J.J. Lee


Cover Me
by Mariko Tamaki
book reivew by Alexis Kienlen

Chasing Their Dreams : Chinese Settlement in the Northwest Region of British Columbia
by Lily Chow
book review by Roger Wong

Simple Recipes
by Madeline Thien
book review by Grace Chin

A Song of Lilith
by Joy Kogawa
poetry review by Yuet Jinn

by Kevin Chong
review by Nancy Lee

Japanese Canadian Redress: The Toronto Story
by Ad Hoc Committee for Japanese Canadian Redress: The Toronto Story
book review by Christine Kondo

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