7.2 – Winter 2001 – Transmigration/Diaspora

by Patricia Lim


On the Cover

Gu Ziong: I Am Who I Am: A Complex
by Andrew Hunter & Alden E. Habacon

Shengtian Zheng: Bringing Asian Culture to Asia
by Alden E. Habacon

Slant by Andy Quan
review by David Fujino

Kokoro Dance: At the Vancouver International Dance Festival
by Aretha Aoki

Helen Lee’s The Art of Woo
review by Mari Sasano

Editor’s Note

Art News

2001 Vancouver Film Festivals

Journey for Lotus
review by Yeung Cha

Obaachan’s Garden
review by Victor Khong

Journey for Lotus
review by Yeung Cha

 The Art of Woo
review by Mari Sasano

Three Sisters on Moonlake
review by Joanna Antoine Ho

Sea in the Blood
review by Norman Yeung


by Joy Gold

 She Loves Musicians
by Alexis Kienlen

Withrop, USA
by Jen Lam

Singing Lesson
by Fred Wah

Kona Weather
by Terry Watada

by Rita Wong

Visual Art

Re-act: Retrospective of Live Art by Paul Wong 1973 – 1999
by Rita Wong


Wayson Choy: Unfolding the Butterfly (Secrets and Memories)
video review by Chris Lee

The Water of Possibility
book review by Deborah O

In-Equations: Can Asia Pacific
magazine review by Loretta Seto

Lunch with Charles
movie review by Mari Sasano

Sounds Good to Me
music review by Karen Shim

Paul Wong’s Class of 2000/I am a Refugee: Calling Canadians by Name
by Charlie Cho



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