7.3 – Spring 2002: Sex[-y/ual/uality]

by Patricia Lim



Sexual Kung Fu
by Albert Liao

Getting It
by Andy Quan

Transforming Queer Asian Communities – Lotus Roots: Special Feature Essay and Interviews
by Ritz Chow, Shahaa Kakar, Helen Leung, Michelle Wong

RicePaper’s First [erotic] Colouring Contest

My Crush on Margaret Cho
by Gloria Ho

Flex your Mussels, Big Boy
by Angela Wan

AIDS in Korea: Prevention begins with Talking About Sex
by Helena Park 

Short Fiction

Morphing Man
by Penni Leong Browne

by Cheryl Mah

Sister Cat
by Sook C. Kong

Visual Art

Photo Essay: Kissing in Public
by May Truong


Serving Up Ricedream Vancouver’s Sexy [asian] DJ Duo
by Karen Shim


AD the Prince
by Fiona Lam

by David Fujino

You in Me
by Adrian Ho

The Speed of Now
by Ann Shin


Sex, Kids & Videotape: Review of Big in Japan – Liane and Danny Taran Gallery of the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Centre for the Arts in Montréal
by Zoe Chan

Table for One: Norman Yeung’s Not Thinking About Girls… 
by Danny Wong

The Embroidered Couch: A Novel About Dirty Sexcapades in Ming China
by Danny Wong

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