by Patricia Lim



Accès Asie: Quebéc’s 1-800-Asian
by Day’s Lee

A Buck a Bag for the American Dream: Tobias Wong is New York’s Slickest Cultural Entrepreneur
by Alan Woo

Articulating the Silence: Janey Lew Discovers that Turning her Back on Racism Fails to Confront it on her Own Terms
by Janey Lew

Saving Tina: Can You Save Someone You Don’t Know Anymore?
by Voltaire R. deLeon

The Plum Tree
by Angela Leung


From the Editor’s Desk


Stand-Up!: The Pope Isn’t Racist (But Italians Are)
by Jeffrey Yu

Postcards: The Vietnamese Art of Consumption: Socially Conscious Shopping in Hanoi
by Anne Nguyen

Postscript: Naming Baby
by Patricia Gajo

Graphic Tales: Slavco
by Brian Fukushima

Portrait of an Artist: Judy Fong Bate’s Midnight at the Dragon Café
by Kagan Koh and Charlie Cho

Musings and Notes

Rising from the Butt
by Janet Yuen

Asian Something
by Craig Takeuchi

All You Can Eat
by Krista Lee

Search and the City
by Jerry Young

Admit One

Hollywood’s Asia is Lost in Translation
by Craig Takeuchi

Sugar Sweet, Salty Wet: Desiree Lim Redefines Romantic Eroticism
by Kagan Koh and Charlie Cho


Nish Rawks Enlightens on the Straight Dope: Scarborough MC Freestyles and Represents his Way Through his New Song “The Enlightening”
by Boon Kondo


Healing After Dying: A Family Torn by War’s Effects Learns to Live Again
by Alexis Kelien

Blue Weaves Tight the Ties of Family: Poetic Debut for Chan Proves a Winner
by Alexis Kelien


Patricia Gajo 1 August, 2012 - 12:18 pm

Hi there. Is this a new issue with a *reprint* of my article? Can somebody send me a copy? Or is this only a digital? Can I get a PDF?

kristin.cheung 2 August, 2012 - 3:17 pm

We’l send one to you!


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