by Patricia Lim


Cover Stories

Battling Status-Quo Critics: Is Vancouver Ready for Cross-Cultural Arts?
by Jenny Uechi, Jessica Gin-Jade, Jonathan Lin

Articulating the Silence: Filmmaker Dorothy Christian Breaks the Secrecy Between Native-Chinese Relations
by Dorthy Christian 

For A Chance Not to Be Asian: Uncle Dragon Shows the Theatre Community that Asian can Play More than just “Yellow Faces”
by Patricia Collins 

Move Over, Amy Tan: Family Ties, Conversions with a Concubine’s Child: Denise Chong Digs Deep
by Ashley Liu


Manga Madness: North America is Insatiable when it comes to Asian pop Culture
by Derwin Mak

A Shiu-in for Success: Vancouver’s Best Undiscovered DJ Shoots for Solol
by Jeannine Sheares

In the Company of Funny Asians: Angry Theatre Queen Joyce Lam Shows that There is More to Hanging with the Asians than Mahjong Nights, Bad Karaoke, and Anime Trivia
by Alan Woo


The Slanted View: The “Oriental” Occident
by Craig Takeuchi

Stand-Up! Hockey, CNN or The Matrix?
by Paul Bae


From the Editor’s Desk


by Jim Wong-Chu

In the Dressing Room: Should We Dance?
by Joy Stephanny Lau

Poetry: After the Conversation
by Fiona Lam


Bon Bon on the Go-Go 
by Noel Tolentino
review by Alan Woo

by Doug Chiang
review by Bruce Lin

3, 4, 5. Intimate Distances
by Fiona Tinwei Lam
review by Alan Woo

by Jenny uechiand Jim Wong-Chu

Postscript: Dying in Vietnam: Satisfaction Guaranteed
by Anne Nguyen


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