Special Double Issue “Aboriginal & Asian Canadian Writers” – Fall/Winter 2012

by Jim Wong-Chu



The Mysterious Life of Wah Kwan Gwan
by Jackie Wong

Articulating a Silence
by Dorothy Christian

Grand-Daughter Will Remember
by Sharel Wright

Cedar and Bamboo
by Bessie Chow

Diamond grill / Chinook Phrasebook 
by Fred Wah, Judith Ichisaka

Chinook Jargon
by Judith Ichisaka

Aboriginal & Asian Canadian Writers:

The Chronicles of Thunder Woman: Prologue
by Russell Wallace

by Norman Yeung

Remembering Mahmoud
by Lee Maracle

Poem for Chief Theresa Spence
By Laiwan

All I Know About Alberta Is
By Sunny Chan

Small Pox, Anyone?
By Leanne Simpson

By Cliff Cardinal

The Silent Mouths of Rain
Kiyooka Airs
By Terry Watada

An Indian Never Dies Peacefully
By Wanda John-Kehewin

My Spirit Is
By Kiyano John-Kehewin

By Caroline Wong

Salish Ancestors
Collecting Stones and Sea Shells Along A Coast Beach
By Wil George

My Heart Is the Wing
For Ling Qing Zhao
By Anna Yin

Snelgrave’s Strawberries
By George Barnes

My Brother: Kelly the Great
By Sandra Lynn Lynxleg

A Diwata Story
By Mykelle Pacquing

Tree People
Fight Like Hell
By Janet Rogers

Tribe of One
By Daniel Akihiro Iwama

Chee Man’s Last Dream
Lamplight, Window Boxes
By Caroline Wong

Black River Excerpts, Page 5 & 11
By Katherena Vermette

The Northern Café
By Lucy Ng

Ode to A Forest
By Bob Supernant

The Wind And The Girl
By Jada Mcdermott

By Yilin Wang

A Mother’s Memories
By Anderson Lee

With Word
Feminine Ecology
By Elaine Woo

Two Zone Faresaver
By Renee Sarojini Saklikar

Cento For Daddy
By David Groulx

Untitled Poem For the Week After Summer’s Solstice
By Laiwan

Becoming the River
By Taiake Alfred

Reduced To Boxes
By Sandra Lynxleg

What Doesn’t Kill You
By Pia Massie

I Remember
By William Bradford Akeroyd

Blind Love
By Kagan Goh

The Space in Between
By Carrie Calvo

Renga Freeform!
By Tim Lander, Connie Fife & Joanne Arnott

By Carol Shillibeer

Grandma Carriere
Saint Mary
By Carleigh Baker

Dream Kitchen
By Jonina Kirton

Solitude is Engaged
My Connection
By Michelle Sylliboy

The Virus
By Flora Jo Zenthoefer

These Feet of Mine
By Rene Andre Meshake

Vancouver Dialogues
By Anderson Lee



Beauty Plus Pity
By Kevin Chong
Reviewed by Abeshiek Sharma

The Chinese In Toronto From 1878: From Outside To Inside The Circle
By Arlene Chan
Reviewed by Anderson Lee

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book
By Gord Hill
Reviewed by Azarina Sabrina 

Indigena Awry
By Marie Baker [Annharte]
Reviewed by Jordan Abel

Salish Seas: An Anthology Of Text + Image
By Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast
Reviewed by Alex Leslie

Eating stories: a Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck
Editor: Brandy Lien Worrall
Reviewed by Anderson Lee


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Ariadne Sawyer 13 February, 2013 - 3:19 pm

Wonderful work! A great issue.


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