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by Jim Wong-Chu

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Greetings from Ricepaper!

A note to let you know that your subscription to Ricepaper expires soon but if you renew now, you’ll save us the cost of sending you more reminders, and we’ll pass those savings on to you.

Renew now and save up to 45% off the newsstand price!

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“Not only does [Ricepaper] combat the blinding whiteness common in a lot of literary journals, it hones in on a specific community, giving the magazine a strong focus and identity. It’s a valuable document of a growing community of Asian-Canadian artists. And it sells.”
–-–Vern Smith, This Magazine

Paperless Renewal option: You’re guaranteed not to miss an issue of Ricepaper. We’ll convert your subscription to Paperless Renewal and then automatically renew your subscription every year at the best rate available. You can cancel anytime and receive a full refund.

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