15.3 Call for submissions is out!1 min read

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Ricepaper has released its call for submissions for 15.3. And the theme for the next issue is…drumroll, please….food! Or to be more lyrical, the Flavours of Food. I know that across Canada (and certainly, in Vancouver), it’s a favourite topic of conversation for many. On the topic of food, people debate, wax rhapsodic, and look like fools as they incorporate both sound effects (“I was like *drool*”) and hand gestures (mime shoveling food into your mouth). At least in my case, they do. But with the 15.3 Flavours of Food issue, we’ll hopefully be able to dig deeper into how (in the words of Ricepaper‘s esteemed editor, Eury Chang) eating food “sustains our bodies while enriching our sense of shared humanity and connection to the earth,” and investigate the power of the aromas and tastes of food to “bring back childhood memories and reinforce our sense of home and belonging.”
Please see our 15.3 call for submissions here.

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