Call out for Photos from former Ricepaperians1 min read

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In celebration of Ricepaper’s 15th anniversary, we’re sending out a callout for photos from anyone who’s ever worked with or been involved with Ricepaper magazine! Dig through the musty back corners of your attic, desk or your hard drive or wherever you keep your old photos – if you have any photos of your time at Ricepaper or group photos of people who used to work at Ricepaper, please send them our way at

When sending the photos please include the following information:

  1. The year the photo was taken
  2. The name of the photographer
  3. The names of the people in the photo and their relationship with Ricepaper.
  4. (Optional) Any other useful information (i.e. the event the photo was taken, fond [or not so fond] memories or backstory behind the photo).

If you’re unable to send the photos to us in digital format, no worries, just shoot us an email with your contact information and a description of the photo and we’ll try to arrange something.

Images will be accepted until October 10 (next Sunday).

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