By C. E. Gatchalian
Published in 15.4
C.E. Gatchalian provides a personal retrospective on the life and musical contributions of famed opera singer, Maria Callas.

My journal entry, dated April 5, 1994:

“Homosexuality = shamanism = the chosen = antennae more »

By Eury Chang and Patricia Lim
Published in 15.4

The twists and turns at Ricepaper: chronicling the achievements of notable Asian Canadian artists, writers and performers.

1.1 In the fall of 1994, Ricepaper is launched as a newsletter from … more »

Theme: Flashback ~ Fifteen Years at Ricepaper Magazine (15.4 / WINTER 2010)

Although many other publications have come and gone over the past 15 years, Ricepaper has endured almost a generation of cultural and social change. We're dedicating our next issue of Ricepaper to the humble beginnings, highlights, and constantly evolving vision of Canada's only literary magazine devoted to Asian Canadian arts and culture. ... more »