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In our latest submission call, we invite you to speak about time and space. Together, they create the universe. And as abstract as the formation may be, we strive for straightforward explanations. Yet from a human perspective—far removed from detailed descriptions of the cosmos—time and space resolve themselves as disparate units, transcending their scientific definitions.

Time begins, passes, flies, and stops, while flowing in a single direction towards eternity. But is time a construction of the imagination? When did it begin? How is one person’s experience of it different from another? How do we change through it? Because of time’s many particularities, there is a plethora of possibilities on how to explore it.

As for space, how far does it stretch? Is it finite or endless? From a personal angle, its definition is still just as vast. It encompasses scents, accents, languages, and even colors. It goes beyond geographical boundaries, and we find ourselves occupying different social and mental spaces, influencing how we behave, think, and perceive our surroundings and ourselves.

These two complex concepts form the universe and define who we are as individuals and how we find or create communities. Join Ricepaper and show us how your interpretation of time and space shape your understanding of the past, interaction with the present, and ideas of the future.

Deadline closes March 31st, 2017. Submission guidelines can be found here

Image by William Tham

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