time and space

Artwork by Tifanie Lamiel


speaking in tongues

misinterpretation ghosts-back,
attempts to reincarnate the broken language
of Jaden’s tongue-twist reverberation—
murmur the revenant-named                  co                              bac
mispronounce it twice as fast                 go                              back
diaspora synth-talk—

ghost-linguists mess up scrabble tiles—
v … more »

Illustration by E. Joan Lee

Just like that you are awake and the red lines of the radio-clock sketch 02:17 in the dark. Mind takes a minute to remember where you are. The switch for the bedside lamp is helpfully more »

Illustration by Andrea Alcaraz

Out by the farm, fixing the roof flying off of the house because of a storm named Janis, he feels something press against his leg. Rain drops, crashing against the aluminium roof, sound like voices. He … more »

Illustration by April Milne

great macro swelling
carpet bomb ecosystem
broken off
broken twice off in say
one century of your time

slow fish peer up against
throbbing nights, fragile
glass bodies
a perception wholly in the form
of a … more »

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