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[PODCAST] The Post-Travel Show, Episode 5/9 – It’s Not Crap!1 min read

4 February, 2017 0 comment

Pasalubong. Balakbayan box. Padala. New and fascinating words (to me, at least). You’ll hear them in episode 5 when the guys open doors to Filipino gifting and broader Pinoy culture. Malaysian marketing to the Middle East and perceived harmony in Vietnam regardless whether you’re Muslim, Thai, Chinese or anything else are also covered.

Footnotes & Follow-Ups

I wander, I wonder, Dex Fernandez

Caloocan – pronounced “kah-luh-OH-kuhn” –

biennale – mispronounced as “bigh-yeh-NAH-lee.” Should be “bee-yeh-NAH-lay.”

pasalubong –

balakbayan boxes –

padala – sending money back

Philippine Drug War –

15:20 – “Ranked 1st in Muslim Friendly Desintations per the Global Muslim Travel Index” – from the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery light show

Islamic Banking –

20:40 – Mai Chau –

Cu Chi Tunnels –

Mekong Delta –

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology –

Sino-Vietnamese War –




Mai Chau



Vietnam/Japan Train Collaboration

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