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The Post-Travel Show resumes and Episode 7 is finally here! In this jam-packed session we feature Zó Project and talk about the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts, Asians looking Asian in their art, and other art galleries.

Scroll down and follow along with the photos. For all the episodes, click on the following link or the tag below with the same name: “Southeast Asia/Taiwan Impressions.”


Part 1 –  Zó Project

(L) Moments away from the frenetic pace of Dien Bien Phu Street traffic, one ventures down train tracks and finds Zó (R) Founder of Zó Project, Nhung Tran, stands with Ricepaper’s Gavin Hee in front of the Zó store in Hanoi

Part 1 – Footnotes & Followups

Zó Project’s Facebook page
Nhung Tran – Founder of Zó
Address: 27, ngõ 5A Trần Phú, 084 Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84 166 660 2928

Rhamnoneuron Balansae – The plant from which Zó paper is produced.

Market on Train Tracks – Maeklong, Thailand

Vietnamese Alphabet

Francisco de Pina – Jesuit Portuguese priest who initially developed Vietnamese alphabet

Correction: the space was actually 3 floors, not 2 – merchandising, design room, stock room


Part 2 – Children in Vietnamese Art and Asian-looking Asians in Art




Part 3 – Trees, Contemporary Art at the Italian Cultural Centre, Winter in Hanoi

Part 3 – Footnotes & Follow-ups

A song about wintertime in Hanoi – Hanoi Mua Vang Nhung Con Mua, Cam Van (1998).

Lyrics Translation


Part 4 – Manzi, Wei Ling, and Ilham Galleries

Wei-Ling Gallery

(L-R: Anurendra Jegadeva, Letters to Mr. Hitler: MORE THAN THIS; Anurendra Jegadeva, Letters to Mr. Hitler: ALL I GOT FROM BERLIN…; Rajinder Singh, Dramatic Taiping)

Ilham Gallery

Part 4 – Footnotes & Follow-ups

“…thinking it’s an art gallery” should have been “thinking it’s a museum”

Wei-Ling Galleries: Brickfields & Mid-Valley (The Gardens Mall

Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Centre A – “Being Brown in Chinatown” Exhibit
The Hindustanee – A Vancouver newspaper for South Asians in the early 1900s

Ilham Gallery – I was confusing the name “Ilham” with “Ilsan,” a satellite city of Seoul.

Mahathir Mohamad


Music Credits – Bensound: Jazzy Frenchy (opening), The Lounge (break), The Jazzy Piano (closing)


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