‘family dinner, 7:02pm’ by Esther Chen1 min read

26 July, 2017 0 comment

Illustration by Choo-Kien Kua

yeye says ‘pass the 醃黃瓜’ and i do, licking
the sour off my fingers. yeye points out the

steam from the fish stew and gestures with his hands,
mimicking a large cloud. yeye used to own

a general store in the 70s. yeye goes out of town a lot
for business, but tonight he is here, sitting beside my

nainai, his fingers intertwined with hers. yeye makes a joke
about the economy. yeye tells me

‘你這麼高’. yeye listens to nainai cough, and suggests
more squash soup. yeye says my sister wears

too much makeup. yeye prays for the food, thanking god for
all the 愛 we have around the table with two hands

wide open.

Esther Chen is a writer and third year university student at the University of British Columbia pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing. She has been published in Poetry Breakfast, Poetry is Dead, NOISE, and elsewhere. More of her work can be read at estherchen.tumblr.com

Illustration by Choo-Kien Kua.

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