‘tuned in’ by Johnnie Regalado1 min read

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Animated Illustration by H. Kristen Campbell


the radio producers dilemma


driving my derelict mazda home after a shift

visors down to keep the electric sky from crashing my car

its 1246 and i hear myself on the radio talking about blind canadians

awareness and contribution and i know that yesterday

i scheduled myself to talk about blind canadians at 1246

my voice cuts to synthesizer crescendos and i slow down

for a pedestrian backlit by the brilliant blaze of sun

my engine and heart sputter for her

a beautiful bleached blonde in headphones and a red bandana

her tattooed forearms sway with the frequent beats on the fm dial

and i wonder if she’s got good taste in music

and if she’d like me if she got to know me

then its 1255 and i’m talking to myself and everyone through the fm again

talking about film festival box offices

as my dying turn signal metronomes at double speed

i keep driving one way streets

grey and blue exhaust dancing in my rearview

drowning two cyclists in lycra spandex

i watch minutes turn by on the dashboard

and wait to hear myself again

the voice on the radio talking about pub nights

and the one in my head talking about how strange it is

that i don’t find hearing my own voice strange anymore


Johnnie Regalado is a maker and organizer living in Victoria, BC and a graduate from the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing program. Most days are spent inside a radio station, but some are spent writing poems on a phone while wandering through the wilderness. 

Animated Illustration by H. Kristen Campbell.

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