Allan Cho

My first plane ride
took me to rain
splattering against the windows
of the cab
fingers were tightening
over mine
I knew
this was no vacation
the squat house stood
on the corner of autumn
dreamlike in its strangeness… more »

I joined a traveling circus troupe one summer and toured with them along the BC coast and its surrounding islands. One of the remote locations we performed at is called Malcolm Island. It has an estimated population of 500 hundred

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張 = Chuong/ to open up
媽媽 = Mother
爸爸 = Father
哥哥= Brother
清明 = Qingming Festival
金紙 = Joss Paper
拜神 = Pray
花桥 = Flower Bridge

An ambulance zips by the 張 family household, and I am … more »

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