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Raymond K. Nakamura writes, draws cartoons, and develops fun learning opportunities about science and Japanese Canadian history and culture, when he is not washing the dishes, walking the dog, or helping his daughter with homework. He is the author … more »

On Halloween night, my stubborn, nostalgic
father clunked out his bashed-up trunk, nodded
to my dragon-signed son. Swiftly, they dressed up
in their favorite costumes and headed for China Town:
a Journey to the West, O Canada, O home for … more »

The chipped wooden cane of my century-old grandmother
beats haphazardly against the damp asphalt drumming to
a history of broken dreams fossilized by grey-black gum

chewed by absent ancestors.

A mustached man on East Pender,
a has-been accountant with a … more »

Language begins
at the crunch of siu yuk,
its rugged hide, and continues
through the rhythm of laughter,
the blues of evening vapor
among brass horns hoisting the dizzy
swing of conversation

A collection of lips
pressed against mouthpieces
while … more »

After, you would join others at the beach,
greedy for a glimpse of wreckage –
barge slammed against seawall, containers
like a copper fort bricked against sky.
Scrawl of flip-flops, kelp lacing the bike path.
A fishing vessel propped against … more »

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