15.3 Flavours of Food

by Jim Wong-Chu
Ricepaper 15.3 - Flavours of Food

Ricepaper 15.3 – Flavours of Food (cover illustration: Hyein Lee)



From Farm to Table
by Stephanie Lim

South China Seas
by Jenny Uechi

Eating With Lola
by Catherine Hernandez

Quote Literally, Creative

by Jonathan Chan Simpson

They Eat Dogs
by Elaine Woo

Let Them Eat Cake
Ode to Milk
by Fiona Tinwei Lam

Bitter Melon on the Vine & on Vanity
by Marge Lam

Culinary Contributions
by Linda Mei

Profiles & People

by Fred Wah and Larissa Lai

The Art of Susur Lee
by David Eng


Lily in the Snow (Book)
Review by Jennifer Chan

The Year of Finding Memory (A Memoir)
Review by Jessica Rose

A Fantastic Reality: Ed Pien’s Tracing Night (Visual Art)
Review by Joni Low

A Delicate Durability: The Art and Tradition of Craft (Visual Art)
Review by Joni Low

Dis/(sol/ve)r: Toronto Dance Theatre (Dance)
Review by Eury Chang

Tono: A Red Sky Production (Dance)
Review by Eury Chang

Columns & Commentary 

In Memory of Kazuo Ohno
by Jay Hirabayashi

Artifact: A History of the Chinese Restaurant
by Jim Wong-Chu


Backpage Illustration
by Madoka Hara

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