15.3 Flavours of Food

Editor’s Note

Ricepaper Magazine is pleased to devote an entire issue (15.3) to the rich flavours and features of the culinary world. In these pages, you’ll notice how creative and critical writers use food as a point of inspiration, paying homage to our nation’s favourite past-time: eating. Welcome to Café Ricepaper.

We begin with a literary entrée: a brand new short story from Jonathan Chan Simpson, “Potluck,” followed by original poetry from Fiona Lam, Elaine Woo, and Marge Lam respectively, and a short new play excerpt by Linda Mei.

Presenting, the feature course: the first printing of Catherine Hernandez’s full-length solo play, Eating with Lola, was recently showcased in Toronto at Fu-Gen Theatre’s annual Potluck Festival. Stephanie Lim digs deeply into the state of local and organic farming in Canada, a practice that is a testament to slow pleasures. Also, Jenny Uechi learns something from the owners of Vancouver’s leading foodie paradise – the South China Seas Trading Company.

Followed by a fresh salad course: Fred Wah and Larissa Lai deliver a thoughtful and discursive unpacking of Automaton Biographies (Lai’s latest book of poetry) in Writers-in-Dialogue. Jay Hirabayashi of Kokoro Dance reflects on his studies with, and the life of legendary Butoh founder, Kazuo Ohno. In addition, community leader Jim Wong-Chu traces the history of Chinese restaurants in his long-standing column, Artifact.

Finally a dessert: David Eng profiles the adventures of top chef, Susur Lee, and our cultural carnivores reflect critically on a selection of books, visual art exhibitions, and dance events. To cleanse the palate, Madoka Hara contributes a tasty backpage illustration.

Last but not least, we are pleased to welcome aboard Rob Machida, our new Art Director. In the forthcoming issues, we intend to provide our readers with a cleaner, more consistent design concept that will hopefully enhance your reading experience. As always, we’re open to your thoughts, opinions and feedback. In the meanwhile, please fill out our latest readers’ survey, and keep on visiting our website to learn about the many cultural events happening around town!

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