16.1 Generations

by Jim Wong-Chu
16.1 Cover

Ricepaper 16.1 – Generations (cover illustration: Howie Tsui)



Celebrating Culture: Asian Heritage in Canada
by Jenny Uechi

Generations: A Photographic Montage
presented by Ricepaper Magazine

Long Rides
by Alejandro Yoshizawa

Canada’s First Generation of Butoh
by Eury Chang

Quite Literally, Creative

Sowing: after ‘Digging’
Unpatented Quadrants
by Changming Yuan

Feet Unbound
Food (In)security
by Katherine Gwun-Yeen Lennon

Confidential Shredding
by Eli Ang

To the Tune of ‘The Red River’
by Gillian Sze

Bombay Water
by Sabrina Mehra Furminger

Profiles & People

Changing the World: Tara Teng
by Alan Woo

Echoes of the Rainbow
by Amy Chow

Nina Lee Aquino: Leading The New Generation
by Eury Chang

The Future of Asian Canadian Theatre
by Eury Chang


Farewell My Concubine (books)
review by Jessica Rose

Telling tales: Howie Tsui’s storied worlds (visual art)
review by Zoë Chan

Under the Skin (dance)
review by Eury Chang

Sankai Juku (dance)
review by Eury Chang

Columns & Commentary

The Life and Times of Tobias Wong, 1974-2010
by Alan Woo

Backpage Illustration
 by Janice Wu

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