I heard wearing black to weddings was inauspicious, so that must have been why I was vomiting into the hotel’s hydrangea bush while my brother kissed his bride five stories above. My father slapped my back as I coughed up … more »

metronome of knife to cutting board
a chorus of sounds

my eyes well up as
she continues without a single tear

down the hall, the piercing smells
overtake us

she hums and mutters
moving to her own beat

a small … more »


Rain is blurring windshields and spitting from streetside sewers the day Benoît arrives at the airport. His nut-coloured face floats abreast of the huddle of arrivals and when he sees me he smiles with almond eyes squashing upwards, showing … more »

My cousin recently found these mugshots of our older relatives when they immigrated to New York from China in 1864. Apparently they were arrested for fraud, but it was really another group of men with the same last name that … more »