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…I would say
I love it, what’s in my body,
but I want you to love it too.

‘Answer 3’, Devin Kelly

I was searching for the poet when I found
the man who’d opened fire in a church in … more »

the promise of a
new year is in a
bowl of ddukguk,
for every strand of
flesh reveals the
body that wastes
away, every bite
of dduk the coins
fade as the sun
sets, every crunch
of kimchi that sour… more »

after Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Hour’

This evening, in the train station,
I ascended, you descended—
our eyes met, then I turned away.
My husband was behind me, and
you went home, to your wife and child.

It’s hard to believe … more »

“He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with
shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” – Psalms‬

kuala lumpur | houston, 1981.
they say these streets
were paved with aspiration.
the ranches are … more »

your blood goes picnicking at a grave
            brooms and burnt paper in hand

4/4/[2000 + 4×4]

At Qīngmíng only the magnolia huā (花)
bloomed munificent white against a grey curb.
Like the first mourner at a mythic funeral
you—little (华)… more »

In Pakistan, grey smoke stacks curl up
to sun. Skin browns on roadside
as we throw makai into each

other’s mouths. Eyes sting from rising flame,
salt, chilli powder. Uniform shirts untucked
outside schools. At seventeen we cross over.
Return … more »

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