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[PODCAST] Talkrice Vol. 1, Episode 2 – The Malaysia Show1 min read

12 October, 2016 0 comment

George Town, Malaysia | Photo Credit – Jan Venter |

After some thinking, Ricepaper’s Gavin Hee decided to step away from his day job so that he could see more of the world while he still has legs that function. In preparation for his trip to Southeast Asia which begins with Kuala Lumpur, he thought who better to prime him than Ricepaper’s very own Malaysian, William Tham. They discuss culture and history in mostly dead silence until their neighbor down the hall starts practicing opera providing a colourful soundtrack to what would have otherwise been just two guys shooting the breeze.


Nepalese in Malaysia and Talkrice Vol. 1, Episode 1 –

Nusantara –

What is “Malay”? – Burhanuddin_al-Helmy –

“Malay” vs “Malaysian” –

Malaysian Indians –

Bumiputera –
United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) –

Sepet –

Yasmin Ahmad –


Pramoedya Ananta Toer –

Jose Rizal –

Kings of Petaling Street –

Malaysian Writers Community (Komuniti Penulis Malaysia) –

Gaff: “Very magnificent” is not an example of a “double superlative.” Maybe this isn’t a double anything. It is nice to know, though, that we live in a world where there can be a spectrum of magnificence.

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