As a translator of Chinese comics and folk rock who lives in Vancouver, BC, Nick Stember is an expert of Chinese comics, or manhua. In addition to building the world’s first English language encyclopedia of Chinese comics and animation, … more »

(For Cole Gwinner)

is the name on the matching teal jackets
we bought on Christmas Eve so long ago
from the Taiga store
because it was three p.m.
and Mountain Equipment Co-op was closing
so their staff could celebrate… more »

We take the scenic route.
Heading up North the land dotted with wildlife,
farms the size of stadiums, one that sells only eggs,
the other, wild blueberries. Rocks ahead break out from their shells,
forming fissures, jagged lines you want … more »



Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ house consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, rice, broccoli with fungus, glass noodles with bean curd, and Tofurkey. My Gung Gung cooks all afternoon in silence, shuffling slowly around the kitchen in his blue … more »

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