[PODCAST] The Post-Travel Show, Episode 9/9 – Taipei1 min read

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In this last episode of the Post-Travel Show series, Gavin, William, Jacob and Vincent explore bits of Taipei, city like no other – find out why!

Scroll down and follow along with the photos. For all the Post-Travel Show episodes, click on the following link: “Southeast Asia/Taiwan Impressions.”

Footnotes & Followups

Asians looking Asian in anime – The Post-Travel Show, Episode 7

Barakamon – an anime series

Siao Pao

New Town Bakery

The seven different convenient stores (that I saw) near my lodgings by Taipei Main Station: three 7-11.s, two family marts, one Hi Life.

Hotel room: York Hotel tight space ($38 / night)

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

A Wooderful Life

Taiwanese and Japanese relations:
(1) Taiwan under Japanese rule
(2) Taiwanfest 2017 in Vancouver
(3) Shadows of the Crimson Sun by Julia Lin

Heidi Huang, Artist

Seediq Bale – a Taiwanese film

National Palace Museum

Heidi Huang Exhibit at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

National Palace Museum

Multi-layered “concentric ivory spheres” | Photo credit: memoriesaresouvenirs.com

Chen Zuzhang – The Olive Pit, 1737, Qing Dynasty

Zheng He

Painting – Heavenly Petals Falling on an Indian Monk (Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368)
Correction: It is known that the man is an Indian Monk. The subject’s identity is not a mystery. However, the artist who rendered the work is what remains unknown.

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