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[Image: Getty] Back (L-R) – Henry Golding, Sonoya Mizuno, Gemma Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Constance Wu, Chris Pang, Nico Santos, Ronny Chieng, Kevin Kwan
Front (L-R) – Jimmy O. Yang, Kevin Tsujihara, Jon. M. Chu, Ken Jeong

TalkRice talks Crazy Rich Asians on a quiet – maybe too quiet – Sunday afternoon from our office at the Sun Wah Centre in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Hear about our new place and a few other things before Gavin, Joko, Ki-Hwan, and Vincent discuss the film and how it impacted each of them coming from Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, global backgrounds. This first episode has been split into 2 parts. The second part is here. This is also a two episode program: Episode 1 covers a sample of male views; Episode 2 comes at it from a female perspective (on its way!). All parts can be found by clicking on the tag below “Crazy Rich Asians Podcast”.

Footnotes & Followups
The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo
Sun Wah Centre
Jim Wong-Chu
Madeleine Thien
Sun Fresh Bakery House – Fresh rice noodle, dim sum, cakes (Next to Maxim’s)
Pacific Canada Heritage Centre (PCHC)
Phnom Penh
Centre A
Website: We Share Interests – Goonj! Being Brown in Chinatown
Kina Grannis
Awkwafina and Ballin’ on a Budget or the World According to Awkwafina Just run searches. You’ll find good.
Searching and John Cho
Justin Lin & Better Luck Tomorrow
Music courtesy of PODSUMMIT. Thank you for your existence!

Chinatown Riots photo where Sikh man (far right) is often cropped out. [Image Credit – National Archives of Canada]

Gavin Hee is an occasional contributor to Ricepaper. He aims to connect people throughout the world interested in relatable, meaningful content by Asians. He was born and raised in North Vancouver and spent his formative twenties in Seoul where his concept of globalism transformed. He is particularly fond of pan-Asian themed stories of inter-cultural exchange and he is the founder of weshareinterests.com, a site he thinks you might enjoy since you are reading this. He encourages marginalized voices to build their own world so they are not stuck in someone else’s. Click on his name in the tags below to see all posts. 

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