Allan Cho

“Ate” by Carlo Javier

by Allan Cho

April is nascent and the air is thick with morning dew.  Ears​ agonizing, like you’ve just removed headphones that were wrapped around your head for too long. Legs aching as movement reintroduces blood back into your veins after a plane … more »

““According to Chekhov,” Tamaru said, rising from his chair, “once a gun appears in a story, it has to be fired.””
– Haruki Murakami

Some will stutter, sorry and strange,
Some will smile, weird and wicked.
A gun’s greeting will … more »

It was a day that hammered wrought iron
into our lungs, having gashed our breath
into rapid gasps. We rested cross-legged
on the footpath, watching the cold light
that ebbed from the store engulf us
like shipwrecks. Before us, the … more »

A blue jay pulls his screech
across thresholds of
dawn, tripping me awake.

Somewhere, someone else will
stumble into a room built by
the inevitable, lit with sconces.

My routine gropes for its habits:
ablutions, blinds withdrawn
praise for green … more »

Master Chung tells me most successful taekwondo schools are located in bad
neighbourhoods. Big bullies are best for business, he says. Master Chung is cunning this
way. One day a man in a Patriots jacket walks in. I challenge the … more »