A fallen giant of imperial industry,

with a toe in every peasant’s backyard,
lonely, despite the people living in it.
Lost rocks of an empire
litter the expanse of its own domain
like an uncomfortable welcome mat.
If the stones … more »

on the train i see my grandfather | as a young man

10,247 km of water | seven seats away

looking through his reflection | at darkened mountains and doubled stars

ye ye | but that’s not his name

should … more »



the radio producers dilemma


driving my derelict mazda home after a shift

visors down to keep the electric sky from crashing my car

its 1246 and i hear myself on the radio talking about blind canadians

awareness … more »


speaking in tongues

misinterpretation ghosts-back,
attempts to reincarnate the broken language
of Jaden’s tongue-twist reverberation—
murmur the revenant-named                  co                              bac
mispronounce it twice as fast                 go                              back
diaspora synth-talk—

ghost-linguists mess up scrabble tiles—
v tn m s ngl … more »

great macro swelling
carpet bomb ecosystem
broken off
broken twice off in say
one century of your time

slow fish peer up against
throbbing nights, fragile
glass bodies
a perception wholly in the form
of a short past’s
relentless abstractions… more »

The year was 1969. I was ten
And carried a spiral notebook everywhere I went,
from the corner store to the diamond,
The whack of the bat, the way it connected
With the ball was my background, crackling,
Punctuation noise. … more »