I meet Tetsuro Miyazaki near Shinjuku Station. I arrived in Tokyo the day before, Tetsuro a few days before that. I’m jet-lagged and feeling haggard after an entire day spent in transit from Ireland. There are probably better times … more »


Fashionable Asians! is Ricepaper’s very first street fashion series on…fashionable Asians in Vancouver. Unlike any other street fashion blog, however, we seek to find out the deeper meanings behind these fantastic outfits. Is more »

Dear Tiger Mom,

I have straight A’s but they are low A’s and not high-90s A’s. My Tiger Mom is always harping on about this. It’s driving me crazy. I want to scream, “Be satisfied already!” or “Shut up!” Obviously more »

By Jessa Alston-O’Connor
Published in 17.1

In my first year of grad school in Montreal, I overheard a conversation on Ste-Catherine Street: two non-Asian friends were walking ahead of me, discussing the popular dish General Tso’s chicken. “I know it’s … more »

by Tetsuro Shigematsu
Published in 17.1

Angry Asian Man is the most important blog in the world. In fact, whether you read it or not, it’s the most important blog in your life. 

If you are reading this magazine, chances … more »

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