Excerpts from Reimagining ChinaTOwn: Speculative Fiction Stories from Toronto’s Chinatown(s) in 2050.  (Preface by Linda Zhang)

What would it look like for Chinatown to thrive instead of just survive? Who holds the right to decide how Chinatown’s future is more »

He was walking briskly along the travelator, pulling his suitcase behind him, when the thought appeared in his mind—what if it were possible to determine the exact date of our deaths?

Would he opt to remain in oblivion, living more »

Yellow Duckie [1953]

by Silvia Leung

I am the only boy in the neighbourhood to have a wooden duckie. This yellow duckie quacks and rolls when I pull it along on a long string.

Boys and girls everywhere come and look at my yellow toy. They … more »

Nobody Chinese—well, hardly anyone Cantonese—says “bak yren” to identify a Caucasian. “White person” is too descriptive, obvious, and bland.

In Cantonese, the idiomatic expression “fan gwei lo” is given to Caucasians in the United States and … more »

“Vimla, quick! Bring the tray here!” Ashi madam screeched from across the dining room as Vimla ran helter-skelter all over the unvarnished kitchen floor trying to fix breakfast. It was a lush, hectic morning as usual in the Talwar household. … more »