“Ate” by Carlo Javier

by Allan Cho

April is nascent and the air is thick with morning dew.  Ears​ agonizing, like you’ve just removed headphones that were wrapped around your head for too long. Legs aching as movement reintroduces blood back into your veins after a plane … more »

“Where’s the harm?” Gladys asks. “$20 for—it isn’t like you haven’t done it at all, Sheila.”

“That’s different. They were guys I liked,” Sheila says with a wistful smile.

“You don’t have to like ’em .You just sleep with ’em. … more »

You told your grandmother that you would be away from home for three years. You would fly from the jungles of Borneo to Singapore for an overseas students’ orientation. Thence to Heathrow, London on BOAC’s student airfare with stopovers in … more »