Her voice sliced through bar chatter. “A shot and a beer.”

She pointed to the special on the board. The bartender nodded, sanctioning Kareena’s boldness with the movement of her half-ponytail.

“Do you take credit?”

The woman’s look of approval … more »

張 = Chuong/ to open up
媽媽 = Mother
爸爸 = Father
哥哥= Brother
清明 = Qingming Festival
金紙 = Joss Paper
拜神 = Pray
花桥 = Flower Bridge

An ambulance zips by the 張 family household, and I am … more »

On the day Tarun discovered the papers that would change his life, it was also his daughter’s birthday. He couldn’t call to wish her happy birthday, only to hear her burbling through the static—back home, ten hours ahead, she would … more »

I heard wearing black to weddings was inauspicious, so that must have been why I was vomiting into the hotel’s hydrangea bush while my brother kissed his bride five stories above. My father slapped my back as I coughed up … more »