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On the day Tarun discovered the papers that would change his life, it was also his daughter’s birthday. He couldn’t call to wish her happy birthday, only to hear her burbling through the static—back home, ten hours ahead, she would … more »

Translation may be found everywhere we look, but it is paradoxically rarely seen.  The many complex ways of translation continually shape our understanding of the world. From world maps, to philosophical treatises to holy scripts, translation since the beginning of … more »

Canada 150, or the 150th anniversary of Confederation, is an occasion of both celebration and remembrance. The significance of this anniversary can be complicated to navigate given Canada’s varied history. Some people have lived in Canada their whole lives; others … more »


In our latest submission call, we invite you to speak about time and space. Together, they create the universe. And as abstract as the formation may be, we strive for straightforward explanations. Yet from a human perspective—far removed from detailed more »