Master Chung tells me most successful taekwondo schools are located in bad
neighbourhoods. Big bullies are best for business, he says. Master Chung is cunning this
way. One day a man in a Patriots jacket walks in. I challenge the … more »


……..thirty-four years struggle for suitcase space
……..from the suffocating smog of a capital city
…… the sandy slopes of an arabian kingdom

class of 1999
…… ripped edges blurred faces folded
……..diploma clutched with … more »

negotiates the smog and smear of my wide windows
slick and smart and self-conscious across the hardwood
Nobody will ever love this city like me
Nobody would want to.

– Rhea Tregebov “Leaving Toronto”

I complain about the heat.
My … more »

when i was a child
i’d mistake her
for my mother
…..or my mother
for her

in the roundness of her face
circular cheeks forever youthful
black wire horsehair
artist’s hands
crow’s feet

softest smileshe knows herself… more »